How does the delivery process work?

  • Once our system processes your order, your products are inspected thoroughly to ensure they are in perfect condition.

  • After they pass through the final round of quality checks, they are packed and handed over to our trusted delivery partner.

  • Our delivery partners then bring the package to you at the earliest possible. In case, they are unable to reach your provided address or at a suitable time, they will contact you to resolve the issue.


Are there any shipping charges applicable to my order?

   Registered Post

Do we provide items in Whole sale.

Yes price is US$110 per Carton. (FOB)

How are items packaged?

We package our products in boxes.
We pride ourselves on the quality of our packaging. Till date, we have received minimal complaints about damaged products due to our packaging

My order has been shipped. Now how can I track it?


What is the estimated delivery time?

We dispatch most orders within 4-7 business days (excluding Sundays and public holidays)


What is the range of locations to which we ship our products?

we ship Worldwide.


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